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Entry and Exit Frontier Inspection Instructions

In implementing its opening-up policy, the People’s Republic of China has built 115 open ports (including international airports, harbors, trans-border railway stations and passages) across China. Frontier inspection stations have been established at all open ports. Frontier inspection stations are entry and exit inspection administration authorities established by the country at open ports to serve as gateways of the country. Their task is to safeguard national sovereignty, safety and social order, inspect and manage passports and certificates, and transport tools of all entry and exit personnel.

Entry Inspection:

In order to enter China, a foreigner shall apply for a visa with a diplomatic representative authority, a consular authority or an authority stationed abroad authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China (except foreigners from countries which grant mutual visa exemptions with China). With the exception of any entry or exit port noted on the visa, all entry and exit personnel may enter and exit China through all open ports of China. After reaching a port of China, a foreigner must accept inspection at the frontier inspection station. The foreigner shall complete an Entry Registration Card and submit it to the entry inspector for inspection together with his or her passport. After examination and approval, the inspector will affix an “Entry Inspection Seal” therein and take the Entry Registration Card. The foreigner may then enter China.

Exit Inspection:

After entering China, a foreigner shall leave China within the valid period of the visa. At the time of exit, a foreigner shall submit his or her passport, certificate and Exit Registration Card to the exit inspector for inspection. A foreigner holding a residence permit issued by the government of China shall surrender the residence permit if he or she will not return after leaving China. After examination and approval, the exit inspector will affix an “Exit Inspection Seal” therein, take the Exit Registration Card and let the foreigner pass. Chinese citizens must apply with a competent authority for a passport or visa in order to exit China. Unless specially provided, they must have received a visa from the destination country before being allowed to pass regardless of whether they exit for business or private purposes. Where a foreign country has special provisions for the entry, exit and transit of Chinese citizens, the competent governmental authority will take corresponding measures as appropriate.

According to relevant provisions of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Administration of the Entry and Exit of Foreigners and the Detailed Rules for Implementation of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Administration of Entry and Exit of Foreigners, any foreigner will be prevented from entering China by the frontier inspection station if it is deemed that he or she may jeopardize national security and social order after entering China, holds a forged or altered passport and certificate, holds a passport and certificate of another person, doesn’t hold a valid passport or visa, suffers from insanity, leprosy, AIDS, venereal disease and other infectious diseases, or is unable to bear necessary expenses during his or her stay in China. Any person will be prevented from exiting China by the frontier inspection station if he or she is a defendant of any criminal case, is involved with a pending civil case, has violated Chinese law and hasn’t been charged but the relevant competent authority considers it necessary to prosecute him or her, doesn’t hold a valid certificate, holds certificates of another person, or holds a forged or altered exit certificate.

Inspection of Transport Vehicles:

For entry, exit or transit, transport tools must pass through a port open to foreigners or a designated port to accept inspection and supervision from the frontier inspection authority. Before an aircraft arrives in China, the person in charge of the transport vehicle shall distribute Entry Registration Cards to the passengers and submit a list of the passengers and crew members to the frontier inspection station after arrival. After finishing check-in formalities at the time of exit, the persons responsible for performing the check-in formalities of airlines shall report the number of passengers to the frontier inspection in writing. The aircraft may only exit China upon approval. As provided by the government of China, passengers are strictly forbidden to carry guns, ammunition, explosives, corrosives, toxic and radioactive materials, and other dangerous goods to guarantee the safety of the aircraft and passengers. Passengers must accept inspection of safety personnel before boarding. Those who refuse inspection will not be allowed to board and shall solely bear the losses thus incurred. Personnel receiving and seeing-off others must wear a valid pass permit and obtain approval of safety personnel in order to enter the isolated area of the airport. If a person doesn’t hold a certificate or violates safety rules, the safety inspection personnel are entitled to refuse entry to the isolated area and will deal with the matter pursuant to law.

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