Pudong Hongqiao Important Notices

Lost & Found

  • Services: Lost property registration, enquiry, and retrieval services in the terminal.

    Hours: 06:00-23:00

    Location: Between Gate 8 and 9 in the reception area of Arrivals Hall

    Tel: +86-021-68340096; +86-021-68340417

    E-mail: lostandfound@shairport.com


    1. Passengers can pick their lost items up with valid certificates, providing information including the lost property’s name, characteristics, lost date and spot.

    2. Owners of lost property can also entrust others to claim lost articles. The person entrusted is required to show an owner entrustment form including names of the lost property and the person entrusted, together with copies of the owners’ valid documents, and their own valid documents and copies. The valid documents referto ID card, passport, military officers’ card and soldiers’ card.

  • The service is unavailable at  Pudong T2 Terminal.