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New city terminal for Shanghai Airport to open in Suzhou
The Shanghai Airport Authority and the Suzhou Industrial Park Management Committee signed a strategic cooperation agreement on Oct 13, marking the official launch of the Suzhou City Terminal project – to be located in Suzhou, a city west of Shanghai in East China's Jiangsu province.

Shanghai is a leading international aviation hub in China whose annual passenger and cargo throughput ranks among the top cities in the world. Shanghai Airport Authority and Suzhou Industrial Park will reportedly jointly develop the new Suzhou terminal as a benchmark project for Shanghai Airport remote city terminals.

The terminal is being located at the core of Tianmu Street, by Jinji Lake in Suzhou. Passengers from Suzhou can reach there directly through a variety of routes. The terminal will provide ticket purchases, check-ins, baggage pre-security, baggage check-ins, VIP lounges and access, as well as door-to-door baggage and other services.

Passengers can go to Shanghai Airport by bus, customized chartered car, high-speed rail, self-driving and other transport. After arriving there they don't need to claim their baggage and can go directly to the boarding gate through fast-track lanes. Shanghai Airport will develop "digital+" and "intelligence+" application platforms to help passengers make reservations and keep abreast of the latest status of their belongings and other information at any time throughout the trip.

The project is understood to be a major initiative of Shanghai and Suzhou's urbanization. The expectation is that it will not only help improve the services of the Shanghai International Aviation Hub to the Suzhou area, but promote the deeper integration and development of Shanghai and the Suzhou Industrial Park in the fields of transportation, logistics, business travel and exhibitions.

It is also seen as further enhancing the open window functions of the Suzhou Industrial Park – as well as helping promote the agglomeration and development of the commerce, tourism, tax-free shopping and aviation-related industries.