Pudong Hongqiao Important Notices
High tech makes Pudong airport smarter in flood prevention

The intelligent flood prevention platform has been upgraded and put into use at Pudong International Airport, with a series of information tools now ready to assist the airport with accurate flood control during the flood season.

Shanghai Pudong International Airport is situated in the Yangtze River estuary, where typhoons, rainstorms and high water levels are prone to meet. Hence timely and accurate data collection, analysis and transmission will provide strong support for decision making in flood prevention.

The 60 square kilometers of Pudong airport are gridded into five areas, each equipped with remote weather terminals with rain gauges. They can provide more accurate weather information for specific locations based on the overall forecast and warnings from the local meteorological bureau. Material conditions and personnel information of each area are indicated in the platform as well.

Flood-control levels are marked with different colors according to real-time information transmitted remotely. The platform will start pre-arranged plans and inform both personnel and devices in place once the level rises.

Moreover, Pudong airport used information technologies to upgrade the rainwater pump stations and sea sluices and pumps; and has set electronic water gauges in necessary locations to check water levels in real time with a 4G network linking to the intelligent platform. Thanks to all the technologies, the airport can react and make decisions in time under various circumstances.

Pudong airport also plans to introduce internet of things technologies into the platform for the further management of personnel, vehicles and materials involved in flood prevention.