Pudong Hongqiao Important Notices
Steel structure of Pudong airport's Satellite Hall wins gold award

The steel structure project of Shanghai Pudong International Airport’s Satellite Hall recently won the China Steel Structure Project Gold Award given by China Construction Metal Structure Association.

The hall is the largest single structure of its kind in the world. The project was initiated in May 2016 and the main structure was completed in October 2018. The hall is expected to go into operation this year. 

Located in the southern part of T1 and T2, the hall covers 622,000 square meters. It comprises two parts – S1 which has one floor underground and six floors above ground, and S2 with one floor underground and five floors above ground. S1 is connected to terminal T1 by MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) west line, while S2 is connected to T2 by MRT east line. S1 and S2 are linked by a corridor. 

The Satellite Hall is designed to act as a transfer stop which can save passengers’ time in changing planes. It can also add another 83 boarding bridges and 125 contact stands. 

As a unique type of building, the hall is designed in a delicate way. The six-kilometer glass curtain wall brings in natural light, creating a comfortable environment for passengers. The spacious central hall is built with no columns, increasing the relaxing feel of the hall. All of this is made possible by the steel structure. Statistics show that the hall used 35,000 tons of steel, much more than the 28,000 tons in the airport’s terminal T1 and 30,000 tons in T2, and equivalent to the total amount used by Shanghai Xupu, Yangpu and Nanpu bridges. 

The steel structure of the hall has become a representative large public building of its kind, as it demonstrates advanced design concepts and construction techniques.

At present, the hall is being decorated. The annual passenger throughput of the airport is expected to reach 80 billion when the hall is put into use.